• Does the EP Cube have to be connected to the internet?

    Yes, the internet connection of the EP Cube is essential to allow monitoring with APP, to receive software automatic update and to maximize the accumulation of solar energy and make its consumption more efficient.

  • How will the outputs for all generation sources be controlled?

    The Smart Gateway of EP Cube works as “head” of home energy management network, to monitor, communicate and control all generation source and appliances usage. All generation source will be managed to run stably and orderly based on home appliances power demand.

  • The 7.6kW inverter is capable of peak outputs of 10 and 22kVA (without and with sun). When connected to the gateway (40A breaker), what are the peak outputs that may be delivered to loads? Does the 40A breaker limit this peak output?

    The Hybrid has good overload capacity and allows max. 22kVA power output last for 10s to support heavy appliances like HVAC starting up in grid outage, the circuit breaker allows the peak power flow to home appliances shortly during the starting up process.

  • What will happen if L1 has say 3600W of draw and L2 has 300W of draw in the short and long term?

    The EP Cube supports 100% imbalance for the split-phase loads, so it is OK to run with imbalance load in the short or long term.